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Thread: 1 good team strategy for clan arena

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat View Post
    Adding to what FlashSoul, using SG is usually a safer option than MG.
    Midrange I go sg or lg to finish opponents. From very far away it's rail or mg cause you'll be lucky if you can get 1 shell in the target from that far.

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    Your strategy sounds plausible, but is not IMO. As Cat said, "divide and conquer"...any attempt to group together as a team and focus on one target at a time leaves you vulnerable to any competent team. They will surround you, rocket-pop you out of position...group together too close, and you will be slaughtered, "fish in a barrel" style.

    Not trying to be negative here, just giving you some counter-points. I'm not a good CA player...just to dispel the ego arguments


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    well yes of course youre right about the fact that it is difficult to start a round with perfect t4 style positionning etc


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