Hi there ! I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but i didn't find any specific for posting scripts..
i think this was around before, but i thought i'll share.

I wrote a oneclick gauntled script, takes the gauntled, attacks and switches back to the last used weapon as you release the button, have fun.

PHP Code:
// Bind to any button
bind MOUSE2 +chain

// Chaingun Script
alias +chain "weapon 1; wait; wait; wait; +attack"
alias -chain "-attack; vstr lastweapon"

// Individual Sensitivity for Weapons ect.
set     _sens_def        "sensitivity 2.8"
set     _sens_rg        "sensitivity 2.6"
seta    cg_weaponConfig        ""
seta    cg_weaponConfig_g    ""                            // Gauntled
seta    cg_weaponConfig_mg     "set lastweapon weapon 2; vstr _sens_def"    // Machinegun
seta    cg_weaponConfig_sg     "set lastweapon weapon 3; vstr _sens_def"    // Shotgun
seta    cg_weaponConfig_gl     "set lastweapon weapon 4; vstr _sens_def"    // Grenade launcher
seta    cg_weaponConfig_rl     "set lastweapon weapon 5; vstr _sens_def"    // Rocketlauncher
seta    cg_weaponConfig_lg     "set lastweapon weapon 6; vstr _sens_def"    // Lightning gun
seta    cg_weaponConfig_rg     "set lastweapon weapon 7; vstr _sens_rg"    // Railgun
seta    cg_weaponConfig_pg     "set lastweapon weapon 8; vstr _sens_def"    // Plasmagun
seta    cg_weaponConfig_bfg    "set lastweapon weapon 9; vstr _sens_def"    // BFG    
seta    cg_weaponConfig_pl     "set lastweapon weapon 10; vstr _sens_def"    // Proximity mine launcher
seta    cg_weaponConfig_gh     "set lastweapon weapon 11; vstr _sens_def"    // grappling hook
seta    cg_weaponConfig_ng     "set lastweapon weapon 12; vstr _sens_def"    // Nailgun
seta    cg_weaponConfig_cg     "set lastweapon weapon 13; vstr _sens_def"     // Chaingun 
You could offcourse add more sensi. for your weapons