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Thread: Pro Account Should Be Able To Invite 10 Players?

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    Pro Account Should Be Able To Invite 10 Players?

    Or atleast 8, wouldn't it make more sense, that way a pro player can start a proper 4v4 / 5v5 game, if it were 4v4 maybe leave space for the premium players to join in. I just think it's silly that pro can only invite 5, it means they have to hope premiums are on to fill in gaps or correspond with a fellow pro who is online. Even in the price for a pro sub went up, I think it would work much better and a lot more people would be happy to go pro/premium, even with the increased price. Thoughts?

    P.S There might be a flaw in my logic, I'm not even sure but this is just what I thought would be best
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    thers a flaw in ur logic, it used to be 3 invites, and they increased it to 5, i highly doubt they would icrease to 10 .. for 4v4 games (ctf tdm ca standard) league rules, only 8 is needed.I'd suggest u build up a friend list with some prem pro users, only 2 pro friends on a server would be able to invite 10 ... and its worth the money as is

    in general when ever i have spawned tdm, ca, ft, servers i only need to invite 1 or two that doesnt have prem/pro in order for it to fill within 10-15 mins

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