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Thread: Clan Arena

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    Wink Clan Arena

    After playing Clan Arena only for about 2 months my aim has improved greatly, i just played two games of FFA and i was shocked at my own aim, lol, I was making Prediction hits with RL and i wasn't aiming as much it was more like a reflex and same with RG. Clan arena's really helped me get to know each weapon and when to switch to it. Before (2-3months ago) i would just get RL and then i was happy to run around the arena trying to get frags, now i roam the arena picking weapons saying "i'll need that that and that" and then get into a fight. So if anyone wants to improve their aim 'id say Clan arena their best bet!!! You really get to know what each weapon is for. LOL

    Just thought let you know

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    Then you realize he's won 10 out of almost 200 games and that he's in tier 3 FFA.

    Clan Arena makes your accuracy lower generally. I don't know of a single person that has actually had better accuracy from playing CA compared to another gametype. CA is usually just mindless spam and rocket jumping. (Which lowers accuracy)

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    ca has great potential, but no one understands how to play properly (unless youre t5).
    and most of the higher tier games are mostly played with the use of vent etc.
    i have a lot of great strategies to try, yet ppl opt for their own egocentric strategies.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pikaluva13 View Post
    Clan Arena makes your accuracy lower generally.
    [citation needed]
    CA is good to let people practice guns they may not be able to obtain often in FFA. If you can never survive more than 5 seconds with an lg, it's hard to get good with it.

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    CA will make the accuracy stats on your profile appear lower (but who cares about that?). However, OP does have a point that playing CA can help learning to aim and learning to know which weapons to use in which situations.

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    The best lolCA example ever is a player called heartless, who's life goal was to be the ca master on a map and gametype no one plays but him (1v1 ca on thunderstruck, lg only at only one position). He got pretty good at that with the lg, but then again no one competes in that.

    Then when the community started to laugh at him (it is comparable to instagib or spacectf) he started playing duel, which is the mod that has by far the most tournaments (every single day): after like 100 games he still loses to 1200 elo players and hits like 20% less lg than what he does on ca.

    Problem with ca is that those situations really don't happen in real quake, which are the mods called duel, tdm and ctf, therefore it is wasting time. Playing ca 24/7 won't make you a better player than someone who plays 1 hour a week of duel, and most importantly the ca skill ceiling is very low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolzy View Post
    Real, true CA is a game of chess

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    CA is good to learn the game (what each weapon does. how to move. the map layouts. etc.)

    beginners don't understand why they lose when there are items involved (duel/CTF/TDM/FFA)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biz_ View Post
    beginners don't understand why they lose when there are items involved)
    Oh god, this sentence sums it up so good... so many people that i know who have tried Quakelive always tell me they don't like the "run around with no tactics" kind of games...
    Why are there no videos of John Carmack playing Quake?

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    All things in moderation.

    Clan arena can be excellent for practicing movement/aim.

    It can be detrimental to play it a lot though, it can reward certain bad habits such as rushing/excessive rj'ing/not thinking while playing. Large team sizes feature a lot of randomness.

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    CA+vampiric+lg = perfect shaft. Some day
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    QL doesn't need more tiers, it needs more players (С)

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