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Thread: Not downloading files

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    Not downloading files


    I have been unable to play quake beacuse it wont download the files witch are needed to play the game.
    In the second attachment (if it is the second) there is an image of what happens when i run the plugin. There should be "time remaining" and the % of what downloaded on the bar but there is nothing on it, just a blank bar.
    So what happens when i reload? See the other attachment
    It doesnt go further then the loading screen "Starting Plugin"
    By the way the blank bar doesnt change, I waited for more then an hour but no result.
    I have tryed re-installing everything, Firefox, the plugin even the QLPrism.
    This started happening when i installed 106 updates to the OS (Win7)
    I got Win7 in a stripped version practicly empty and before i installed the updates quake was able to download the files, but the fps was only 2. The updates should have fixed the fps problem(thats what i was told) but cant check now obviosly
    But almost every Win7 user has installed those updates so it cant be that.. right?
    Before Win7 I used Ubuntu 12.04 and quake was working just fine.
    Its been six days since my last game and im bored to death
    Hope there are people out there that can help
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