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Thread: Rivaruner and video issues

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    Rivaruner and video issues

    When i load quake it's textures get all pixelated and multicolor includeing players,
    uninstalling and re-installing the video drivers fixes this.

    But when i try to apply my tried and true overclocks in rivatuner...it does it all over again. Undoing and going back to default doesn't fix it. I have to un-install and re-install the video drivers again!!...

    what could be doing this and why? How do i fix this?

    2 quadro 600 pci paired...win xp home and 2 gigs ram. driver 169.69

    Please ask for anything i could proved to help.

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    So that's Quadro FX 600? Quadro 600 is newer than those drivers, I was wondering how that works :)

    I don't expect you will find many people overclocking ancient Quadro cards around here, but please post screenshots, maybe anyone has seen this under other circumstances.

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