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Thread: PRO-spawned servers

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    PRO-spawned servers

    Am I the only person who believes PRO-spawned servers should be accessible to anyone they want?

    What I of course mean to say is, there should be the option in 'Start a Match' to allow standard players to join, without having to invite them. And not just friends.

    It's frustrating, as a PRO subscriber, to not be able to play what I pay for, simply because the map isn't standard this month. And yes, I understand I am paying for this, as is, but that doesn't make it right. Especially those who just get a premium subscription, what's the point in paying for maps you can't play? That's half your subscription.

    Keep public standard/premium servers as they are, even with adverts for standard players. I would even suggest making FFA the only mod available to standard players. But have the option to allow standard players to join PRO-spawned servers, if the server op wishes them to. At the very least if they are, or if by doing so makes it, unranked.

    Which brings me to another point. Stop having stats available to standard players. You guys have completely gotten everything, that should or shouldn't be free, backwards.
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