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Thread: QLPrism linux - cannot login

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    QLPrism linux - cannot login


    Since aprox 30 January 2013 I am not able to login in quake live using QLPrism for linux. The error I have is:
    "Invalid email address or password. Please try again."

    I can log ok in Firefox in linux but there are some bugs (sounds etc) and I preffer QLPrism. I tested my login in Firefox for windows and even QLPrism for windows and I can login without problem...

    As linux I am using Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS with 3.2.0-37-generic (updated today from 36 to 37).
    QLPrism is version 4.37 (latest available).

    I am sure I did not mistake when I was typing the passwd (I even tryed copy/paste).
    I even did a password reset from QLPrism linux and again I was not able to log in only directly in Firefox.

    Does anybody have a clue? Is there an issue in synch QLPrism linux and quakelive?
    Any help would be apreciated, I realy like to use linux and playing directly in Firefox is not an option...

    Since the end of last year I started also to pay for Premium...

    P.S:I wrote an e-mail to qlprism developer but of course I have no response...

    Add on:
    It looks like I have a hard time to log in on forum too... I have to login first in quakelive webpage and after that I am automaticaly login on the forum page whre my credentials are not working... Am I missing something?
    This is not a big deal anyway...
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