QL players are mostly young ppl.

Young ppl by nature are rebel and don't like restrictions, don't like somebody tells them what to do, on which server to play, with whom,…

Instead of making better maps, Id wants to get money from these old cows that still gives good milk and dont't wanna die... I mean, perhaps, by recruiting better map designers, architects, or making an open contest for a good map structure, coz it's this is the structure of a map which makes it good or no for playing CA, Duel, TDM, …, and not pretty graphics, colors and all the stuff a respectful player will get rid of in his *.cfg file. All good maps, the maps that most of the QL community plays have some common structural pattern that makes it so popular. They should think more about structure not graphics.

It is completely pointless to put old, time proof maps in a ridiculous rotation system.

It's like saying: Sorry guys, we cannot do any better, we're like an old music band, and all we do is repeat ourselves and sell our old disks. Is it time to die?

That is why, there is no single match these days without ppl quitting and joining all the time. Ppl are bored, annoyed …

It is OK, there is the possibility to buy a PRO account. But, ppl paying for a PRO account should get better value for money, not some old maps coz it is making fun of the customer.