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    Quote Originally Posted by pikaluva13 View Post
    As a paying Premium member you're able to get into any Pro servers as long as they're not invite-only. It seems that your only issue is that you don't have any Pro friends that are spawning servers actively, therefore you're not getting a use from it.

    The map rotation was probably set in place to force the players to play something other than Campgrounds, Space CTF, Blood Run, Courtyard 100 times in a row all day. You can still do this in Pro servers currently if you choose to.

    If everything goes 100% free to play, the game *will* die. The players would have absolutely no reason to donate other than to support id. Unfortunately, I don't really think that will help them, since they'd lose many other subscribers who are paying for the actual advantages that they get (because they actually see them).
    Yes, I was a 3 map player.
    Campground for Duel and TDM,
    Hidden for TDM and
    SpaceCTF for .. yea CTF AND I HAD MY FUN with it.
    When I come home I just wonna relax on a round of each, thats all. Nothin else what I wonna do. I do not need to learn new maps. I just wonna do the stuff I like. And now ... I creep around the server browser and choose the best out of three.
    ID has advertising on the ql home page, ingame ads and paying premium and pro members. A larger community would bring maybe more advertising. I do not mind as long it is not too aggressive. But this map restriction is just anoying what ever anyone is saying.
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