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Why are you using the same maps used in previous rotations when there are other ctf maps that have yet to be in it? Is it completely random?
Finnegans Gr8 CTF map never played or voted on by people who are scared ( the tier 3 players who now can only play on tier 4 servers )
Scorforge CTF It was not popular for 10years in quake3 so Not for me No thanks
Shining Forces CTF Well its an okay map lots of running to red armour
Siberia CTF is ok too and a hit with alot of other players but not in the circles I talk too
Its nothing compared with Jan-Feb Rotation been a real pleasure last month .
They do know what maps are best for CTF the guys at the top dont they ?
Sorry you CA players and TDM'ers But I wont comment on something I hardly do maybe I spend a month playing TDM ?
NAaaaa I think ill miss a flag too much
Dont forget this rotation was brought in so non paying clients can still sample all the different maps I really hope they have got our the wallets/purses wiped the cob webs off and the moths have flown away and they are paying up .ed.