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Thread: Tournaments with subscription as prize

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    Tournaments with subscription as prize

    It would nice if quake live arrange tdm and duel tournaments with symbolic prizes, like monthly PRO subscription. It can be done, once a month or 2 week. Prizes should not decrease quake live profit =) It will significantly improve competitive game and attract more players.

    It should not requires much implementation efforts. But it's great enhancement.

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    I don't know much about tournaments, but from what I've seen they usually have decent money prizes.

    With that money the person could just go buy a subscription, if they didn't have one already.

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    There have been a lot of tournaments in the past and subscription tokens given by id software were often seen in the prizes.
    Most tournaments are duel nowadays though and you win real money instead.
    You can check out these threads for more info on the competitive side of QL :

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    Last week there were at least 200 tournament matches rofl. Problem is they are not advertised on the main site (quakelive.com) therefore most players don't know about those or their streams, which have surprisingly big numbers lately (this sunday it was around 3.7k or something on a weekly online cup).
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