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Thread: manifest.json problems

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    manifest.json problems

    I have had a problem for a few months now that it can take up to 30 page reloads or more for me to open quakelive.com
    Once the page has loaded up I can play perfectly well and navigate around until I reload or reopen quakelive.com. Then I have to start all over, its quite annoying that it at times can take 15mins or more to get on the page if I dont give up to try again later.

    This is how the problem represents itself after page has been loading for 30-50secs http://i.imgur.com/nX4ToJk.jpg

    If I get one of the rare times where I get into quakelive.com it will often have a download stuck at 99% like this http://i.imgur.com/KDGLxU6.jpg but not always.

    As far as I can tell the problem lies with theese files: http://i.imgur.com/NPM9vB7.jpg
    manifest.json and manifest.xfer

    I have played for years using firefox without problems until this started 2-3 months ago.
    I have done a complete reinstall of quakelive mozilla plugin and deleted the entire quakefolder to let it be downloaded from quakelive.com again two times without any results.
    I have started firefox as administrator without any results.
    I have ofcourse tried solo deleting the manifest files, without any results. Usually the manifest.xfer dissapears when the pageload is not failing or ongoing. manifest.json will redownload itself every time the page loads.

    Anyone here have some tips on a solution to my problem? Or someone else with similar problems?
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    Try looking at this and see if anything there helps.

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