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Thread: Ingame name change, And cg_drawgun 4 plz? :>

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    Ingame name change, And cg_drawgun 4 plz? :>

    Sorry if it's not fresh news, but my Friend and I came up with 2 ideas for ql and support team suggested us to take it here for "discussing your proposal with other players". Anyway, here's the letter to quakelive support team:

    Hi there, we wanted to suggest you some idea we came up with friend which you may find interesting about changing your name in quakelive. We know how some people like to change their alias from time to time, and we know that it would require much more work and space for your database to save all these new nicks and etc.

    What we thought would be cool, if a player could change his name only in game (say by /nick new_example command), but his database nick (profile nick /summary/example_nick would stay the same). Providing additional information in /players command (such as original player nick in brackets, like: #1 new_example (example_nick) < listed when we do /players command) should remove any misunderstanding or confusion cause by renaming yourself in game.
    Of course this feature could be provided only for paying quakelive users (pro or prem/pro users).

    Also, this “new” feature with transparent static gun (/drawgun "3" is very fresh :). We wanted to suggest if you can maybe add 4th option for ''transparent dynamic gun" (like dg "1") into command list.

    P.S. Please let us know what you think, regardless to your decision to add or not this feature into quakelive. Thanks.
    Any thoughts? :D
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