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Thread: cooller dueling again.....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vurun View Post
    125 FPS Cup is listed in streamlist on top for sure every time it's online.
    But I agree, it would be better to have more solid advertisment of any champs left
    ESR is not the official forum (would be funny though). Still, the main problem is these things should be advertised on the game itself ( in front of the screen (not on the right) + embed streams + community news + global chat, like in LoL.

    The official forums are dead (see the amount of users and visitors in comparison to ESR, that has always at least 10x) and no one reads the official fb page nor its twitter. With that said, the way to advertise is on the game itself.
    Doesn't take much job really. It's only adding a community news bar on top of the server browser (a one liner) and a new section on the game with an embed stream (copy-pasting from, considering someone else already does the weekly tournament lists with stream info, sign ups and all.

    I find amazing that QL manages to get 2.5.k viewers on a thursday on a regular online cup without advertising outside of a community page.
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    Real, true CA is a game of chess

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