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I have seen you play with 20ms, you should also stick to uk!

Also dont forget....You have lost the same about the same amount of games in QL as I have played in total. now given the fact you probably win most your matches that really does speak volumes about your social life. I already play the game too much, perhaps when i totally give up on my life I can be as cool an "l33t" as you!!

I also find it ironic that a man who seems to know everything about Quake disagrees with something that is quite obviously a fact!

Trebor....please don't ever change!
ill stick to 50ms so you dont feel bad?

i never cared much for the W/L ratio, i join games even if its just minutes left yes, you must play constantly since i never take a few months breaks now and then...oh wait

Yes, since most aimers prefer to play on lower pings the "52 ping win" thing must obviously be a fact