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Thread: Chances of a new map being used?

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    Chances of a new map being used?

    I've always been interested in mapping, but haven't built a map since the Q2 days. Even then, my maps only were played on our little LANs and when I hosted my own server at college.

    So before I get myself excited to dip my feet into this again, what are the realistic odds of a map getting into the QL rotation? There are already a bazillion old school maps out there we don't have that are probably 10x better than anything I'd create. Plus I'd hate to spend a thousand hours on something nobody will ever see in-game.
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    The odds are long but not zero. Make up a layout, get some feedback, take your time (ie don't force it when you get busy in real life) and it could be a lot of fun.

    Send me a message in game when you get a chance Ed.

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    If your map is equal to the standards that can be seen in most of the official maps you can be sure they will pick it up sooner or later (provided there are no copyright issues).

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