Hey happy Fraggerz ....

neXus has been down for a while. The reason was the lack of attendece from alot of memberz. But im trying again! This time i will make it a "All EU" clan instead of the Nordic clan it was. So if your priority is having a good time on the roster that maybe will lead to some competitive fraggin, nexus could be the clan for you! Im starting from scratch so bear over with me :-)

Im lookin for players from the top half of t3 and upwards. The start idea is to recruit a good amount of Quakers to the /n3x/ and the hardcore players from there going to /nXs/ who is going to be the more competitive side of neXus so to say. But /n3x/ is going to be competitive as well.

So im also looking for some plp who can help me out. I have shifting work hours, so some to look after buisness when its needed.

A little about myself : im from Denmark ... the rest you can ask me about :-D

Best regards 3x