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Thread: outdoor maps

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    outdoor maps

    can you make more outdoor maps? weapons can travel farther and people have more running room. silent fright is one example.

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    An outdoor duel map would be neat. I just don't know how they could pull it off.

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    I know there's one out of three missing in the "classic" outdoor maps series. Now we have the xmas map (the one with ice. Mpterra2), then the one used on the infected sampler (castle and cemetery, called mpterra1 in q3), and there's another that's called kinterra, kiniterra or something (mpterra3)

    edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwOsWTiC7VA . Yep it is mpterra3.
    That youtube channel is awesome for finding maps. Lvlworld videos aren't that useful really. Anyway, if you browse it you'll see the latest videos happen to be about outdoor ctf maps (the linked video is the very last one he uploaded last week)

    edit2: on the same video there are other maps that are in quake live already but the series is not complete there too. Those are called "mpteam", which we have basesiege (mpteam1), falloutbunker (mpteam2), innersanctums (mpteam3), scornforge (mpteam4), vortexportal (mpteam6), rebound(mpteam7)
    QL still doesn't have mpteam5, mpteam8 and mpteam9 (mpteam9 is just a remake though). I know everyone wants the wcp series (16, 17, 18, 22 particularly) but adding the missing maps from the mpteam and mpterra series is finishing the job.
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