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Thread: German servers...

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    Thumbs down German servers...


    I live in Denmark, which to those who have little knowledge of geography is located just above Germany. Yes.. we are neighbours.

    I'm on a powerful PC system with specs beyond the imagination of Bruce Lee, and a 100/100 mbit fiberline. I've done various PC tests, tracerts to servers, tested my net to the very limit of testing. YET, I lag / warp / ping in the 100's when joining German servers! Usually... (and this goes back a few months), I ping around 30-40. Ofcourse there are no issues when joining other servers in my vicinity, like sweden and the little country where everybody wear wooden shoes...

    Obviously it must be something router related, a bad connection between me and the german server host. I've checked with other players, and they seem to have the same problems.

    So I ask thee... Are you going to look into this, and perhaps do something? It would be nice, as I prefer to play in German servers. Also since, most of cup matches are played in German servers.

    Ofcourse suggestions are welcome.

    -Oh and yes.. I've tried to reroute, change IP's, contact my ISP, alter settings, apply various filters and pray to a wide range of gods in several religions.

    "Wisdom begins in Wonder" - Socrates (470-399 BCE)

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    Tracert please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miSc View Post

    I live in Denmark blabalbla..... and the little country where everybody wear wooden shoes...
    Is your connection made of lego?

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