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Thread: QLPP16 Site Update - January 22, 2013

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    QLPP16 Site Update - January 22, 2013

    QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 16 is now online. This update features three new arenas hailing from the QUAKE 3 Arena community, and play great under both our PQL and regular rulesets.

    Premium Arenas Added
    • Foolish Legacy:
    More than just a fan favorite, Foolish Legacy, by Richard 'swelt' Jacques, is often considered the pinnacle of Team Deathmatch design. Buttons, traps, lava, crates, water pools, and two powerups fill this TDM arena. Originally optimized for the QUAKE III Arena mod Challenge ProMode Arena, the arena formerly known in CPMA as 'cpm21' plays masterfully under both the standard and PQL rulesets, and rewards teamwork. Two major paths between power-ups are buttonized traps, requiring teammates to assist keeping the route viable as their comrades traverse them.

    Foolish Legacy joins the fray in QUAKE LIVE, and is accessible in Free For All, Team DeathMatch, Clan Arena, Freeze Tag, Domination, and Red Rover.
    • Use and Abuse:
    Created by FxR|jude (50chickens), Use and Abuse was inspired by the classic QUAKE 1 arena, The Bad Place. After its debut into the QUAKE III Arena mod Challenge ProMode Arena as 'cpm3a', Use and Abuse quickly became the most iconic battleground for CPM Duel players, and often featured in CPM frag videos such as 'CPMA Done by Vo0'. This two atrium arena features open high ceilings, leading to breathtaking lightning pins and successive mid-air rocket hits in the hands of adept combatants.

    Use and Abuse is supported in both standard and PQL rulesets, but excels in PQL Duel.
    • Wicked:
    In January of 2000, FxR|jude (50chickens), released a small Duel arena based on some of his previous QUAKE 2 Free For All designs. Over the course of the next year the map grew in popularity, was refined, and made it's first appearance in Challenge ProMode Arena as 'cpm1a': the first official duel map in the CPM map pool. Over the past 13 years, Wicked acted as the first arena most combatants battled on as they were first introduced to CPM Duel gameplay.

    Everyone on the QUAKE LIVE team would like to thank FxR|jude for allowing us the privilege of bringing Wicked to QUAKE LIVE, and know that it here too will be a treat for many players who wish to take up the challenge of PQL Duel.
    Web Changes
    • Match Summary Details will now reflect if the match was either Infected or Quad Hog.
    • Match Browser server modifications list will now note if a Red Rover match is running Infected.

    Game Changes
    • Resolved an issue with the in-game ad system that was causing a delay on join.
    • Resolved an issue where players could switch teams when the imbalance would be created after the switch.
    • Resolved an issue where clients were being sent extraneous information during Duel matches.
    • Instagib demos generated by the AutoAction feature are now prefixed with an "i" before the game type abbreviation.

    Arena Changes
    • Aerowalk
      - Ceiling lights are now non-solid.
      - Removed an exploitative wall clip that could be stood on.
    • Sinister
      - New weapon layout, including a second Rocket Launcher.
      - Rebuilt Yellow Armor room.
      - Added stairs and teleporter to Red Armor.
      - Added ramps to stairs for silent walking.
    • Warehouse
      - Fixed a wall clip that players could get stuck on, in the upper portion of the GA room.
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