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Thread: NY Servers: WE WANT IT BACK!

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    Senior Member MexicanPadre is on a distinguished road
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    NY Servers: WE WANT IT BACK!

    Ever since Verizon has been screwing some of our pings up, I realized the problem could be solved by removing VA servers altogether and replacing it with NY servers.

    Don't get me wrong: VA servers used to be good, but now they are almost unplayable due to bad routing and most players who experience these problems don't speak up about it.

    DC servers are practically right next to VA servers and I've seen people ping better to DC than VA.

    NY servers would solve the bad routing problem to VA and people who usually go to VA servers would be virtually unaffected by the change.

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    Member FrEaKKiLLa is on a distinguished road
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    Yeah I used to get 20/30 ping to NY. Didn't complain when the server went down, I just unsubscribed from being a paying member, easy as that.

    I'd rather play with bots than play with 80 ping. The NY servers went down after the hurricane hit the northeast region, it probably had something to do with pricing but I feel like I paid for use on the NY server for a year and was denied that capability.

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    Senior Member pikaluva13 will become famous soon enough pikaluva13's Avatar
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    I've got 37 ping in VA. There's no issue with it for me.

    If it's specifically a Verizon issue, then somebody should contact them and let them know that it's screwed up (I think there was a thread about this, but I don't care enough to look for it at the moment)

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    but the main issue is the connections to the servers are HORRIBLE lately...and i dont blame quake live its not you guys, with all STREAMING video on Netflix, Hulu, PSN, XBOX LIVE, Torrent downloading etc, these trunk lines just CANT handle it and the ISPS need to do something about it, Im in Ohio and im pinging like 60+ to VA which was 30 ping, tracert is like 32+ hops and that is on Time Warners crappy routing. A lot of people having lag issues VA/CHICAGO/DC its all the same hope something can be done. THE ISPS need to fix the trunk lines period there over there user limit.

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    Senior Member FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jizzimlobber View Post
    THE ISPS need to fix the trunk lines period there over there user limit.
    The problem is mainly that ISPs don't care about latency. 250 ms is good enough for them. Online gaming and Voip are basically the only two fields where it has some form of importance and Quake is the extreme with its high movement speed. I don't think things will change.

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    Junior Member Pootchop is on a distinguished road
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    Servers in Pennsylvania

    Why isn't there any servers in Pennsylvania?
    Im from PA, and the nearest server is in Virginia..
    I don't see why you guys don't have a server in either Pittsburgh or
    Philly. Have you guys thought about it??

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