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Thread: Left Handed Mice/Keyboard Setup

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    It's funny you post this as I was just thinking about changing up to left handed play after 3 and a half years on QL. My accuracy sucks and I attribute it to my right hand thumb having a severed tendon, so I don't have the fine micro movements for precision aiming...but I regress...I tried left handed, and it was like switching up your masturbation hand...awkward - lol :0P

    Seriously though... I am left handed when it comes to writing/drawing, but when I try to play left handed, it's worse then when I first started playing right handed. SUPERNEWB BAD. I think the learning curve would be way too much. Guess I'll stick with my 30s in insta........


    I do most things left handed,i play guitar right handed,that's about it.
    It will take a while to recondition your hand eye coordination,
    but it can be done. in your case i guess the question is will the effort be worth it?
    to me i think not,cause i am to old to change now lol.
    So it depends on a lot of factors,time being another one.
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