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Actually I meant that the motion blur with regular monitors hampers your reaction speed since you don't notice your enemies as quickly. A 5th of a second gain when moving fast isn't terribly unreasonable when you take that into account, since with strobed backlights you can see things clearly even when moving your mouse around really fast.

And even if 200ms is a high-end, so is Lorfa's 20ms input lag. Can't think of any LCDs apart from LCD-TV screens with that much. Read my sentence as "Lightboost helps you 10 times as much as lower input lag" and you'll see what I was trying to get across.

And no, Lightboost doesn't affect input lag one bit. By that logic all CRTs would have high input lag.
To start, thx again for bringing up this whole 'lightboost 2d tweak.' I researched it quite a bit and have a good understanding of how it works now. I applied the tweak the other day and it did smooth things out a bit, but it wasn't so much that I wanted to switch to it, so I switched back.

Couple things though...

Being that lightboost uses 'strobing,' it does in fact add input latency on top of whatever your current input latency is (which is hard to find out anyways). Lightboost utilizes 1 or 2ms strobes for this too work. Likely, these numbers are understated as all 'input lag' and 'response time' claims tend to be, so I suspect it adds 2-7ms of input lag depending on your monitor and speed of your video card. I can say definitively after much research that 'strobing' does in fact raise your input lag. As you said prior, it may actually feel better because the motion blur has been eliminated.

Also, I feel that many people confuse 'response time' w/ 'input lag.' They are not the same thing, and even the fastest Benq monitors have 5ms+ 'input lag.' The Benq xl2420t for example has 13ms input lag, and the Benq XL2410t has about 5.3ms of input lag. The XL2411t is brand new and there aren't enough viable sources stating its actual input lag.

Most LCDS have 8-10ms input lag, so adding additional input lag is generally not something anyone would be too fond of.

I will say this... the lightboost hack is definitely a personal preference kind of tweak...