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Thread: Why can't you change amount of starting ammo and still have a ranked game?

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    5 hp duels must be cray. Once someone finds out that it's ranked- Instant ragequit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockvilleRideOn View Post
    If you can make heads or tails of all of that visual baloney, then you are quite accomplished...
    Actually that lecture is pitched at the layperson. He doesn't go into detail about the complicated stuff.

    But, as for the rankings issue, I have joked many times before about how it's survived being ranked through no self dmg and regen health (which it should for this purpose), but then right when I change starting ammo, it becomes unranked... My point is not of the inconsistency within the weapons settings, it's of the inconsistency within the whole kitten caboodle.
    I'd have to agree that it's kind of a mess on many fronts.

    Another example being that you have to careful about lowering the weapon damage because it also decreases the knockback :-/

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