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Thread: Where and what FPS games did you first start playing online

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    Quote Originally Posted by vurun View Post
    My first game was Heretic. My first game where I tried to play competitively - Unreal Tournament, God remembers where.

    Thanks for the welcome

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    Senior Member lowlife1 is on a distinguished road lowlife1's Avatar
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    Quake 3 in Mplayer...56k modem.Boy,,I sure miss that speed.........

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    Senior Member JustLOL is on a distinguished road JustLOL's Avatar
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    Medal of Honor - Allied Assault, around 2004/2005... just randomly joined some server, played a few maps, and ended up sticking with it for quite a bit of time.

    Too bad I never tried Quake until I accidentally bumped into QL 1 year ago. :/

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    Senior Member SixtyFive is on a distinguished road SixtyFive's Avatar
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    Duke Nukem 3D via modem.

    Quote Originally Posted by DEATHCHANT View Post
    Tom Clancys: ROGUE SPEAR, The First of the Rainbow 6 series, around 1997/1998, when i had to dial up my internet connection. How times have changed!
    Rogue spear is the second in series.
    Before it came the original r6 and eagle watch add-on.

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    Senior Member julios is on a distinguished road
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    quake2 1997 on a server called ifco cry havoc - cry havoc was a class based mod. I was using keyboard at the time - a regular on the server took me under his wing and showed me the way of the mouse, and my mind blew. He then showed me rocket arena 2 and my mind exploded.

    1on1 rocket arena 2 was very cool because the spectators hung out in stands that were ACTUALLY part of the map. So it really felt like being in a gladitorial arena.

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    Senior Member megaman3 is on a distinguished road
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    quake2 demo, 98. After getting to full in 1999-2000 the mod I remember the most is ra2, and most nostalgic (since there's nothing like it) is q2 ctf, particularly the l-fire variation with offhand hook and airacceleration (qw-like), and probably most importantly the fact q2ctf maps were all made with grapple in mind and that's long forgotten (big, movement and teamplay possibilities, etc.).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolzy View Post
    Real, true CA is a game of chess

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    Quake 3 in 2001 in LAN with friends. A year later Quake 3 OSP for few weeks and then switch to Ra3. In 2001-2003 i've played some Q2 in LAN and ActionQuake (2) in LAN as well. Never played other games.

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    COD 4 and Left 4 Dead. Man, those were the times.

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    Senior Member FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul's Avatar
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    The first FPS I played online was BattleField 1942's demo. The first FPS I played online a lot was WarRock. Then I discovered Quake Live in 2010.

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    Junior Member BaDumTss is on a distinguished road BaDumTss's Avatar
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    First FPS i started for real was a piece of cr*p game named Warrock, actually made it far, our guild was ranked 1# in the world lol.

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