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Thread: Japanese Castles Symbol

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    Japanese Castles Symbol

    When you use the launch pads in Japanese Castles there is a Japanese character or letter or something glowing on it. Does anyone who understands Japanese know what it means? I just want to know cause it looks hella cool.

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    I found the symbol through http://www.tineye.com/ and it tells me it is a japanese symbol for aikido some sort of martial arts style.


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    I'm not sure either of those line up. Maybe they got sloppy and intended one or the other, but there seems to be more strokes on they symbol on the pad.


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    It's the same chinese/japanese character as mentioned by ForGreatJustice. It means air or energy and is the same word as the "chi" that means life force or life energy. It is the middle character of aikido, but I don't think that connection is intended by the developers.


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