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Thread: My key bindings do not save

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    Unhappy My key bindings do not save

    I have to set my key bindings and my mouse sensitivity everytime I launch a session. While I'm pretty quick at switching my settings it would be nice to not have to do it every time.

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    Are you using an autoexec that's overriding the settings that you had?

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    I believe I do not though I had the idea of erasing an autoexec if it were there, though I have no idea where it would be.

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    I'm having the same issue I want to change movement keys setting and a few others things, they change but won't stay changed

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    make sure console is enabled, hit the tilde key , i believe its in the options menu to enable console, and type writeconfig autoexec and hit enter that will save your settings. any changes you make just do that every time you make a change, your settings will always be ok then.

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