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Thread: Mouse issue : weapons changing goes mad when using the mouse wheel (Logit./SetPoint)

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    Mouse issue : weapons changing goes mad when using the mouse wheel (Logit./SetPoint)

    Hello, I'm using a Logitech MX518 mouse + Set Point driver.

    Problem is that the mwheelup and mwheeldown actions are not behaving correctly and consistently.

    For example, if I do 1 mouse wheelup movement (I'm sure of this, I can feel a single "tick!" on the mouse), this will successively change weapon 3 or 4 times. If I do again, it will change 2 or 3, and so on: it seems to behave pretty random.

    I had no problem with QuakeLive and this mouse until about 4 monthes I guess (I noticed nothing nor any exceptional config modification sry). With other FPS games or anything else, I get no mouse wheel problems. On Q3 1.16, 1.32b, 1.32c neither

    Maybe something interesting : I logged out, backed up then deleted repconfig.cfg and qzconfig.cfg files, flushed browser cache, logged in again, did a "Reset to defaults" : on first game, running in browser-window mode, I could switch weapons normally, but after 2 or 3 attempts of the same action (1 mouse wheel tick up) in this same game, I got a QL Javascript popup window saying something starting with "Do you really want to navigate away from this page ?", and then the mouse problem came back. Same when setting full screen.

    Another thing: I used a windows batch to increase my mouse polling to a fastest response time (I don't remember the value). At the moment, the test mouserate app comming with tells me it goes 125 Hz rate. Maybe this can be an issue. I read everywhere it doesn't hurt, but never read any decent argument for it.

    In SetPoint is told:
    - Control Center Version: 6.32.7
    - Driver Version: 5.33.14

    I can provide any other info to help troubleshooting this.

    Thanks for support! And srsly, long long life to this game. CTF gameplay is freakin appealing, it can only get boring depending on the players involvment at the game moment, it's 1:1 relation between players/team skills and fun, so rare (--> unique yeah, not rare) perfect. And additionally, it's beautifull and run easy on low configs.

    So yeah, let cryers and no-effort new comers leave it, but skill freaks, don't leave it. Whatever BF, whatever COD, that can be cool too yeah, but "this" is QL, the only fast game you enjoy when drunk or not. Play it a lot, play it a little, but don't abandon it. It's only the community duty to stand there. "Hey, come to my party ! There will be 1000 douches !" "Hmm, we're 8 and having tons of fun, why should this be bigger ?" Of course yes, let it pass away

    SetPoint settings:
    * - no mouse-to-keyboard binds (mouse5 works well on QL)
    * - pointer settings:
    *** - pointer speed: 6th/11 item selected on the horizontal bar
    *** - pointer acceleration: none
    *** - enable smart move: not ticked
    *** - enabled pointer trails: not ticked
    * - scrolling size:
    *** - 3 lines (default setting, setting to 1 line brings a bad overall-mouse-usage behavior)
    * - game detection:
    *** - enabled: ticked
    *** - apply game settings when a game is detected: ticked
    * - game mode settings:
    *** - keep mouse acceleration: ticked
    *** - keep mouse speed: ticked
    *** - keep right/left hand button assignments: ticked
    *** - keep keypress button assignments: ticked
    *** - keep other button assignments (double-click, autoscroll...): not ticked
    * - speed and acceleration:
    *** - setpoint implementation: ticked
    *** - retain OS settings: ticked
    *** - OS implementation: not ticked
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