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Thread: Full screen issues

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    Full screen issues

    Yesterday I was playing quake live with full screen. All the way to the edges! Today I have a square in the middle of my screen about half size overall with info all around it. In the game settings I do have full screen enabled. I am wondering if I have somehow activated a different mode pf viewing that puts it into this view? If so does anyone know how I can return it to full screen mode? Thanks for your time!

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    You probably pressed "-". Now press "+" .
    Or get cg_viewsize back to 100.

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    check your monitor there should be a option for stretch to fit or something along those lines...i bet your using a lcd...make sure your running in its native resolution, if your trying a resolution below that it may have black bars and a smaller box your lcd settings should have a stretch to fit or scale to fit option or zoom that should fix it.

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