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    I was thinking a bit about this and I came to the conclusion that it would be awesome to have this type of game. I mean c'mon, there are some odd game types like Freeze Tag or Harvester and there is not CA duels.
    I know I know CA means Clan Arena and is a lot about team play and players cooperation. However, I still think there should be something like CA duels if you know what I mean.
    For example we could say that regular Duels are like FFA but 1vs1 and there is only 1 winner and the other player is the one who lost. By CA duels I mean same rules as CA (no picking items, same guns, same ammo amounts, no self damage and so on) but just 1vs1 allowed and stats for that in the profile including tier bar.

    You may think to yourself: Why? Would it not be the same as just simply playing CA 1vs1?
    And the answer is... NO. Here are some reasons why:

    1. First and maybe the most important one: competition (sport).
    CA duels would let to precisely rate CA skill of players.
    People like competing with others. For some it's the primary matter.
    So stats would be the crucial factor.

    2. No pushing & no blocking by team mates.
    No disturbing chats. No spam ocean.
    Just pure game and focus on achieving the goal.

    3. Many times players who I asked about duel said to me that they would rather play CA 1vs1 because they don't like regular duels (picking items and self damage which makes rocket jumps and bouncing harder)
    And I think the same, I don't like gathering items and there are more luck factors in regular duels. I would rather like to concentrate on fragging opponent.

    I bet that CA duels would gain popularity in no time overtaking some other types of Quake Live game.
    Who knows maybe they would get as popular as regular duels. I say, bring it on!
    I think it would not be so difficult for QL developers to implement it as it's all already there, just a few tweaks?

    Oh and the poll above: Do you think CA duels are good idea or not.
    BTW, I made this pool public but voters can't be seen anyway. Can someone (I mean mod) make voters visible please?

    By the way, if you vote "No" then please explain your reasons, why do you think it's a bad idea? Thanks!

    So, I have been researching old threads/posts about the subject because evidently people wanted this type of game already before.
    And I saw that most of the people who were opposite to the idea were duelers (people who mostly play duels). They shouted without any further explanations about blasphemy and they were taking it as an attack on them.
    And I realized that established duelers with nice rankings will be against it because they fear to lose their position and to be forced into playing new type of game.
    So I strongly appeal to people that play mostly regular Duels or FFA to not vote in this pool, thank you in advance. This pool is intended for people who play mostly CA type of game.

    Update 2:
    I think now I should do this 1 option pool only because some people vote no only because of their acridity directed towards me. However, those are only some unique cases so no worries. And this pool is only intended to show the interest in the idea anyway. However, I left the option of disagreement because I wanted to hear some content-wise arguments why not. Anyway lets see how it will go...
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