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Thread: The Magic Script for Admins

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    The Magic Script for Admins

    This is the magic script for admins of a server.... especially premium.... to activate it you not only need to have the script enabled, but also type "set _ql_autoinvite 1" and to deactivate, only need to type "set _ql_autoinvite 0"...

    This automatically will keep your server alive, but it is only recommended for premium servers, since standard servers already remain lively consistently....

    NOTE: I did not make this script, but I found it... This was a needle in a haystack for sure....

    Greasemonkey is required...

    AutoInvite Script (When user comes online)

    Earlier I set up a Domination server... And about 4 hours later, with no effort, it is still lively, and that is due to the effectiveness of this script... Kudos to the author...
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