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Thread: Why are they like that????. i dont get it??

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    Why are they like that????. i dont get it??

    Iv only been here a few months but there is a few things i have noticed especially on the uk ffa servers.
    There are a handful of users who seem resentful of anyone who tries to get involved in quake live.
    I dont know why but they will mock you behind your back to each-other and when you join a server they are in, they will post childish comments and all giggle like kids.
    These folk will take a dislike to you for going pro and getting your own servers running.
    Starting a clan is one of their hates. What right do we "noobs" have to start clans and servers? even if we do pay for the privilege.
    One or two of them are allright on their own but will soon ignore you once their little pals are on.
    I myself jump in head first in everything i do. Its who i am. I help anyone i see struggling while these lot will laugh and take the cake.
    What good are these to the game?
    How many potential subscribers have these put off the game altogether?
    Are they just the games resident bully's? i don't get it..
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