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Thread: Rocket jumping HURTS LIKE HELL!

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    Unhappy Rocket jumping HURTS LIKE HELL!

    I've been a long term fan of Q1.. Rocket jumping was like eating chips.. i can't stop doing it!

    Is there some server setting or mod that is being played where you can rocket jump without setting your ass on fire?

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    Senior Member Grandbolus is on a distinguished road
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    CA, attack and defend.

    In other mods, use rocketjumps wisely ;-)

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    Senior Member CPTcman is on a distinguished road
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    Clan Arena, right?

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    CPT, yes: CA=Clan Area.
    Sadly.. i wouldn't know what's meant by attack and defend.. :-$

    no way to rocket jump in like a duel? By changing some default settings somehow?

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    Senior Member Dr_Mr_Ed will become famous soon enough Dr_Mr_Ed's Avatar
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    If you're spawning servers, you can turn off self damage in any mode. This makes the game unranked, however, if that matters.

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    Rocket jumps deal a lot less damage than in q3. Watch any dm13 match (youtube) to see players jumping all over the place.

    Also don't do them with the max height possible because that's almost never needed really, so there's some skill involved on getting less damaged too. Put some angle = half the damage, 200% the fun
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    Real, true CA is a game of chess

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