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Thread: Need some help.......

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    First step is to recognize that you really do suck balls. I'm not saying this to insult you, but you'll only begin to improve when you recognize that. Quake is one of the most skilled games out there so its totally fine to suck horrifically at first. We all did. You have a point that equipment can help, but your PC is good enough and at this stage it won't help much. Good mice are zowie ec1 evo, zowie ec2 evo, zowie AM, microsoft wheel mouse optical 1.1, intellimouse explorer 3.0, roccat savu, roccat lua and logitech g400. Good mousepads include any artisan pads, zowie pads, puretrak talent, steelseries qck, and steelseries i-2. Mechanical keyboards with cherry switches are good. The best thing you can do is get yourself a 120hz monitor with low input lag which will make the game feel smoother and more responsive. Learn about configs and read the guides on the sticky threads in the forums. You can also find lots of information in google or on esreality.com - have patience and enjoy it, its not worth stressing over it, its just a game.

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    I know that feeling, Iīm just experiencing it right now.
    maybe the jump from t3 to t4 is too high. in t3 my K/D is about 45 to 15, in t4 its 5 to 50...
    even my accuracy dropped down dramatically from 35% overall to 13%, rg even worse (43% to 12%...), i get stuck in every door and on every corner, strafe jumping decreased etc... seems like a totally different game, but I guess thats just me getting nervous and frustrated. Just keep on trying and youīll improve! At least I hope so... (for me )
    And I donīt think itīs a hardware issue.

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    You are not a special snow flake, listen to the experienced players here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assessment View Post
    It seems as time goes by my system or shall i say my game play is getting worse and worse...

    For example I see people moving side to side very fast to avoid my weapon yet I have no vlue how they are doing this.......

    It also seems like some people are firing miltiple shots faster thaan I am.............

    Also it seems as if some of the better people might have their fire and jump binded together....

    Because i notice that when they fire they automaticaslly also jump......

    My system specs are I have a HP m9500z with a ATI Readeon 4770 and my processor is a ATI Phenom 2 X 4 3.0 Ghz and I have a generic logitech mouse.....

    Any assistance would be totally appreciated!
    Some players do have fire and jump bound to the same key! We call it a RJ bind (rocket jump bind). You have a special key for all your RJ needs! My favorite method for achieving this is "bind <key> "+moveup;+attack". However, that bind only works if you type it into your .cfg, it'll cause a glitch if you try and bind it in-game - thus some other players have made an alternative bind. Something like... "/bind <key> +moveup;wait;wait;+attack;wait;wait,-attack;wait;wait;-moveup". Something like that anyway, I don't actually know it ;>

    Players can't fire faster than one another, however, if you're on "high" ping your attack can be cut-off prematurely by a low ping player. For instance, two players are in a match (one high ping and the other low ping), and the high ping player fires a rocket on a trajectory resulting in a collision. The low ping player rails him just as he presses +attack, or right after, it doesn't matter which - the low ping player will kill the high ping player and never see his rocket. "I pressed fire and nothing came out :'<".

    I've seen players who dodge left-to-right at a crazy speed, and I've been confused ever since. Apparently, there's a special method for doing it, to which I've forgotten. Something like, strafe-jumping, but it's strafe-running. I never got good at it, so...

    Anyway, once you've got a 120Hz monitor, a decent mouse, keyboard and pad, that's all the equipment "secrets" you need to get good. Obviously a computer that can handle QL at 125 FPS is a necessity too. None of it will make you "good" per see, but your skill won't be bottle-necked by bad equipment, so you have the opportunity to get good!
    Nom nom nom nom!

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    I'm an oldtimer from way back, quite the game for years, and now back
    for a month or so.

    I'm older, so my reflexes aren't the same, and I have a few other
    disabilities. But, I think the advice in this thread is very valuable.
    I was once top notch, I think I can do it again.

    Learning and patience is not an easy mix. Plus all the razzing you might
    get. Well, its not only a game of skill, but a psych game as well.

    I'm getting now, what I used to dish out, but i plan on turning
    the tables.

    So to the OP, I think your at a cross road and simply been psyched out.
    Take a step back, watch the videos, and keep playing. Play for fun
    and don't worry about ranking.

    Back in that day, yes a good system could be an advantage, not so today.
    Hardware is way ahead of software, so its no excuse anymore.

    Good luck, I hope to have your butt in a sling soon...LOL.

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    from my experience, headphones and a mouse you're comfortable with make a huge difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assessment View Post
    Not hardly...I understand that you are trying to be helpful...but I am rated in the top teir.....
    As Cat pointed out that is not the case. You can see your current tier on the bottom of the statistics page on your profile. See here:
    When you're in the top tier the bar will be higher and colored gold.

    Quote Originally Posted by o0MrCheesy0o View Post
    Some players do have fire and jump bound to the same key! We call it a RJ bind (rocket jump bind). You have a special key for all your RJ needs!
    That's a really bad idea, there's a lot of RJ's where you don't want full height. It makes you a very easy target.

    As others already said, dodging is mainly pressing a and d in a successful way and try not to jump too much while dodging, it will make it easier for your opponent to hit you. You don't need a special computer, a decent mouse + pad helps a little. Also try listening to the sound, preferably use headphones.

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    That matchmaking thing is completely hopeless and flawed in every way, don't pay attention to it imo. It's like QLranks, it ignores handicap and includes unranked servers too (even if they are saying that it wouldn't) I even reached tier2 in duel yesterday, I can imagine what I could do there to the poor beginners if I would play a "ranked" game for real;D

    You are better off if you just find 5-10 equally skilled friends/buddies, who are fun to play with, and get some skill together before going "large".

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