First step is to recognize that you really do suck balls. I'm not saying this to insult you, but you'll only begin to improve when you recognize that. Quake is one of the most skilled games out there so its totally fine to suck horrifically at first. We all did. You have a point that equipment can help, but your PC is good enough and at this stage it won't help much. Good mice are zowie ec1 evo, zowie ec2 evo, zowie AM, microsoft wheel mouse optical 1.1, intellimouse explorer 3.0, roccat savu, roccat lua and logitech g400. Good mousepads include any artisan pads, zowie pads, puretrak talent, steelseries qck, and steelseries i-2. Mechanical keyboards with cherry switches are good. The best thing you can do is get yourself a 120hz monitor with low input lag which will make the game feel smoother and more responsive. Learn about configs and read the guides on the sticky threads in the forums. You can also find lots of information in google or on - have patience and enjoy it, its not worth stressing over it, its just a game.