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Thread: Help me

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    Help me

    Any command in the console, you can help me by taking a bit of lag, or the almentando fps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GalaticO View Post
    Any command in the console, you can help me by taking a bit of lag, or the almentando fps?
    Galatico, There is not much you can do about the LAG. \cl_maxpacket 125 will show less ping on the scoreboard, but it won't make your actual latency any smaller, perhaps \net_restart can be an exception in some rare cases, but mostly not.
    The lag between you and the server won't decrease just because some commands in the console. Contact you ISP as I suggested in the other thread, and ask them to fix your routing, that's the most you can do.

    On the other hand, you can set pretty much everything in the menu to increase fps, just go into the ADVANCED section and pick VIDEO OPTIONS, and set things there, you don't need to mess with the console:
    Vertical Sync: NO
    Texture Filter: NONE (or BILINEAR) :is faster on older cards, but slower in modern chips.
    Texture Compression:YES :can be faster if you use high texture resolution
    Texture Quality: 16BIT :is usually faster on cards/IGPs with low memory bandwidth
    Texture Detail: LOW
    Light Model: VERTEX
    Player Shadows: NO :can give some extra fps on very slow CPUs
    Curved Surfaces: PERFORMANCE :also good with slower CPUs
    Geometry Detail: LOW
    Disable Skybox: YES
    and in the POST PROCESS menu:
    Post Processing: NO
    There are indeed some other console commands which are not in the menu yet, but those would only give you an additional 1-2 fps at best, so it's useless to mess with those imo.

    Also the built in HUDs in QL are very slow and it even worse with post process enabled on older cards, disabling the HUD alone on my atom-ion based HTPC gives me 20-30+ fps ,so you might want consider altering one of the default HUDs and disabling the drop-shadows and other unnecessary elements in those, or perhaps make a new one for yourself or download one .

    Also: read the Ultimate Quakelive Guide if you have time.
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