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Thread: Avarage age of players?

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    Avarage age of players?

    I've just joined QL but i have a long gaming history behind me.. wolfenstein 3D, doom, quake, hexen, duke.. I even got my ass kicked in quake 1 (or was that Q2?) online over a modem!

    Quake is all about the gameplay and sometimes i have the feeling that this generation only cares about the graphics.. so i wonder.. are there a lot of youngsters playing QL?

    When i was eh.. 20 years younger or so (oh yeah ) i played like 6 to 8 hours a day!
    Now i'm 31 years old and i find myself struggeling for time to play :-(

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    I'm 33 myself. Same background in games as yourself. The old reaction time is definitely slower than it was. I'm hovering around the bottom of tier 4......a good 10% less accurate than many others of the same tier.....Still love it mind. I'm guessing that the players who give out the most may be a younger generation

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    I started to play my first quake engine game when i was 11, that was jedi knight 2. About 2 years later i got introduced to quake 3, and my ass got kicked as hell, and i found it so hard to find a normal non modificated server, so it really scared me away, like quake live does today to the youth compared to cod and all the other lowskill games. So the amount of young players that jk2 had compared to the quake 3 players that had played quake engine games for many years, made me stick to jk2.
    I think it's all about the the first games you play as kid. 20 years ago, you didn't have much choice, it's was all about the quake, doom and wolfenstein games. Today you got all kinds of fps games, which really makes it tempting to pick one with low skillcap. Some of my friends went the cs way as a kid, and today they would never touch quake. Now i'm 21 and I've been playing quake live the past 3 years at a high level.

    Edit: a bit of topic but.
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    I've seen players from 13 to 53, and my guess is the average is around 28 since there are lots of people that grew up on quake (1,2,3 etc.).

    edit: forgot wolfenstein and doom ofcourse, nostalgia!

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    im a late comer to the gaming world myself. Im 33 myself, i was brought up in a very poor family and never had a games console ,pc etc. I worked from the day before i left school until i was 31 where iv been made redundant and now have a long term illness. I Bought my first pc when i was in my late twenty's.
    I always wanted to find a decent game that i can put my all into and strive to become better. I tried all the usual games but nothing was doing the trick.
    I seen the adverts for quakelive but thought it looked a little childish for some reason so give it a swerve untill one day desperate for a fix i downloaded the plug in and have been hooked since.
    I have all the time in the world at the moment and play around 4 hours a day.
    Lately though iv found myself disheartened as i dont feel im getting any better while others around me progress. Im tier 3 sometimes 4 ffa and get humiliated in every duel i play. I practice all the time. watch my own demos, demos of the pros and any other demo. I want to be very good at this game very badly. Its the only light i have in my life at the moment but it feels like iv hit a wall and im as good as ill get.

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    @ANDRAS: I've been playing Q1 again since 3y ago with some guy at work that out skilled me in every way.. he won every match.. sometimes 100 kills versus 1 or 2.. but you really need to cherish those few kills coz they feel soooooooo good!

    I never gave up and last year i started to kick his ass!

    Try to play in a team effort and try to stick close to your mates. You'll get there step by step.

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    A survey done about three years ago suggested the average age was around 25 years old. It could very well be 28 years old today.

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    ANDRAS: You can't aim fo shizzle. Get a good mouse and a good mousepad and fiddle around with your sensitivity (lower it maybe?). Focus on improving your aim. Play CA if you dare, or continue with FFA. CA is good for aim practice because you always have all the weapons so you can choose which weapon you wanna practice with. In FFA you can practice tracking aim by trying to get as high of a machine gun accuracy percentage as possible. Stop caring about frags and just train your aim.
    Spectate good players and watch how they aim.

    I'm 23, and have played QL for little over a year, I feel that most people are older than me.

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    with long long delays behind versions.... in 2012 - mb 8 or 10 hours played
    at hollidays mb have a full day played from 29.12.12

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    Started in right at the very end of q2, just a couple of months before q3 was released. Played q3 extensively on a custom map ffa server and dabbled a bit in some ctf leagues. Have played ql since closed beta. I'm still mostly ffa and can usually squeeze in 3-4 games on a work night and a few more on the weekend.

    51 by the way.
    Sometimes I wonder...
    "Why is that frisbee getting bigger?"
    Then it hits me.

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