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Thread: I feel that my games are linked

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    I feel that my games are linked

    Hello there,

    Since I started to play QuakeLive, I feel that my settings are always changing when I play OpenArena or UrbanTerror (another game based on Quake3's engine). Mostly the video settings. For example I decided to play a bit of OA today and when I opened QuakeLive, my video settings (and my mouse sensitivity) have changed.

    Is it normal? Can I do something to stop that... Because it's very annoying to always re-put to what is was.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Configurations from other games do not affect QL's configs.

    If your QL config is not staying, one thing you can do is set it up how you like it, and then do:

    \writeconfig autoexec

    That will make it so that your settings will not automatically be saved thereafter, and if you wish to save them you must do another \writeconfig autoexec

    If you already have an autoexec present, it might explain why your settings aren't saving. You can simply delete this file for it to go back to the old behavior of automatically saving.

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