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The biggest thing you need is a very good headset,
Quakelive has one of the buggiest and worst sound engine ever, it's also worse than what we had in Q3 times, not to mention the early Quake3 versions with the A3D2 support, but even ioquake3 is a little better with supporting OpenAL at least.

The higher soundstage of pro headphones gave some advantage in Q3A because we were able to hear distant noises better, but it gives no difference in QL whatsoever, I can use a piece which worth no more than 2 Euros and hear the very same things what I hear with an expensive one.
Any kind of headset will perfectly do for QL, and buying a good and expensive headset only to play this game is definitely overkill and not worth it. (but it's still recommended since you do many other things with your computer which are all much better to do with a great headphone)

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Any other ways to use sound?
Sound is very important, because you can hear things what you might not see
- You can hear it of you hit somebody, even if you are not looking (a rocket for example), and you can also hear the amount of damage you dealt.
- You can hear items/powerups spawning and/or if somebody picks it up
- Footsteps and other noises of sneaking or moving (jumping/running) enemies (that's why most of the players like to use Keel or TankJR for enemymodel, because their very unique sounds.

Generally, the ability to perceive sound in a gaming world is just as crucial as how it is in real life.

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Thanks for the help. I know i have made lots of threads but i need the help.
That's the main purpose of the forum, me thinks, so you are doing exactly what you supposed to do here :-)