The warp, stutter, packetloss effect, ping spikes, or whatever else you want to call it has now reached the point of absurdity.
over 90% of the people I observe and play against are warping to varied degrees including myself lately, and the one guy who dosnt warp as much and has the lowest ping walks thru the rest of us like we are standing still cause in a sense... we are. Warp rockets from around corners, weird sticky lg from what I like to call "warp-assisted aim" and guys with low warpy ping who freeze frame before they fire- disappear- then reappear after my death (mostly seen with lpb's) make playing and enjoying this game very difficult.
What was borderline unplayable has officially crossed the line within the last few weeks/months. I cant pinpoint when it happened as I stopped playing for awhile.
I want to pay for this game.
I want to play all day every day. I want to support it, I really do cause I love it.
But.. no word on this issue, no word on fixing it/improving the servers, in fact from asking around and reading these boards I have yet to see it even officially acknowledged. Which to me says there are no plans to even begin fixing it.
This is a deal breaker. Not just for me as a vet but to new players who quickly assume these weird happenings are cheating then drop. Even vets lately have been calling cheating because when you see these warpstars take over a game, it appears very much like they are cheating.

Yes my settings/drivers... etc are good. I've posted about this many times and followed all advice and the problem still exists. Lately I am hearing people ask about the lag, warp and ping spikes more and more. It's not just me.
Is there any word on this from the devs that maybe I havent heard or dont know about? I dont follow everything QL related I just read this general board for the most part, so maybe there's some info out there I just haven't read yet.