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Thread: another 10 day s of this rubbish pool

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    Senior Member danstar will become famous soon enough danstar's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ANDRAS View Post
    just stop playing the game out of boredom. You need to give them a taste id not bore them away.
    now matter how much people say quake live is dying, be sure in this community we'll never run out of idiots..

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    Quote Originally Posted by intheway View Post
    I don't think I've ever been on a "dictator" server. Read a bunch of posts here about peoples experiences with them though. I'd like to think they are not that common.
    Well, as I said, I never go to those servers. When I used to, I think that more than half of the tries that I made were those kinds of dictator servers. And yes, I didn't try a lot of them, like 10 or something. Either way, I just totally can't stand people who abuse powers. And since I play video games for fun, I will try to avoid them, so I play only on public servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaasMan View Post
    I never join private servers (except for one, because I know the guy who spawns them), because I figured that quite often, the owner is being a dictator, controlling the teams, maps, forcing ready-up, and kicking random people who just dare to confrontate them with what I just mentioned. And by this I mean not just 'controlling' things, but abusing the powers for their own good/stats.
    To me that's enough reason to never play private and only standard servers.
    I've only rarely noticed such behaviours. What you should do when that happens is send the demo to QuakeLive's support when the server admin is clearly abusive. That would improve things, as opposed to not joining pro spawned servers because of a few bad apples.

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    Sei la , Trocaro Mais CEDO ! Talvez Ira Vir NOVAMENTE .

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