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Thread: Cold hands.

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    Unfortunately, I lost a vid of 200 kg squatting, so no further prooflink, i am sorry.
    These numbers are quite humble, it's only 560 kg total. My weight was 115 back then, so it is no achievement, really. I was going for 600 kg, but my spinal hernias had their own opinion.

    I tried thin gloves - it helps, ffs, it really helps Still waiting for that new chair.
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    While we are on hands subject. I was watching a guy on twitchtv playin World of Warcraft, i was watching his hand movements and he was going insanely fast. I'm probably answering my own question here, but would i have to type with both my hands to use all my fingers as fast as he was going? i learned to type with 2 pointey fingers since i learned to type, i can type somewhat fast with just 2 fingers, but never worked on the other fingers. I guess i just answered my own question, to learn to use every finger instead of just 2, because i find that i'm dead in QL pretty fast because my fingers arejust too slow and uncordinated (i can try using my fingers, but when i try placing them back, i always put them on other letters and screw up, happens all the time in games).

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    tcrown most keyboards have a small 'nub' on the 'f' and 'j' keys that let you know where the home keys are.

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