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Thread: Connecting two rooms, Jumppads, Teleporters

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    Junior Member Bliccer is on a distinguished road
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    When I had a lot of problems with my fps on a bigger, more open-spaced map, I read thorugh a lot of tutorials about hints/localhints and optimizing the map via the prtviewer.
    During this reading process I came across a very old tut + old sample map, also regarding caulk hulling. You can grab it here.


    Alt+4: Hide/show translucents (for hints)
    Ctrl+D: Hide/show detailed brushes
    Ctrl+P: Hide/show patches

    Just go through the map and look at its structure and how the author used the hints and details.

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    That's the map from Quakin''s old caulk-hull tutorial:

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