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Thread: Setting up your Quake Live mapping environment

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    01 Setting up your Quake Live mapping environment

    With this article I want to provide a quick guide to setting up GTKradiant and Wolfcam for mapping as many people were willing to try it out but had problems getting started.

    Files you need

    GTKradiant (Latest)
    - Windows/Linux

    - Windows 32bit/64bit

    .PK3 encryption tool
    - Windows 32bit/64bit

    Video Tutorial

    Text Instructions

    1. Setting up Wolfcam
    In order to be able to quickly test your maps without having to put together a .pk3 file after each compile you need to set up wolfcam. To do this, download and unzip the wolfcam archive linked above to any desired location on your harddrive (I suggest you make a special folder for all mapping related files) and copy all the .pk3 files from your quakelive\baseq3\ directory to wolfcam\baseq3\.
    Can't find your Quake Live folder? Click here.

    2. Setting up GTKradiant 1.6.3
    GTKradiant is the editor used to create maps for several id tech 3 engine games. To make it work with Quake Live you need to download the archive linked above and unzip it to your new map creation folder from step 1 or any other desired location.
    If you launch the radiant executeable now, a popup will appear and you will be asked to specify the game you are looking to work with and enter the path to the game's engine directory.
    Select Quake Live and point the path to your wolfcam directory containing the wolfcam.exe (DO NOT ENTER THE PATH TO WOLFCAM\BASEQ3; CHOOSE THE WOLFCAM ROOT DIRECTORY).
    When you are done, confirm your choice clicking the OK button; radiant will now load the game's shaders, textures and entities.

    Additional information

    Playing your map offline in QuakeLive

    The downside of using Wolfcam for QL editing is that it does not come with the QL physics. In order to test your map in Quake Live you need to pack it up in a .pk3 and encrypt it using quakelivedec.exe (link at the top).
    .PK3 files are nothing but renamed .zip files and have the same structure as your baseq3 directory.

    How to make a .pk3

    Quakelivedec.exe uses a simple input-output system to encrypt files. To use it create a .bat file (make new .txt file, change extention to .bat) and enter:

    <path to quakelivedec.exe> mymap_notencrypted.pk3 mymap_encrypted.pk3

    Adjust the path (drop the <>) and the names to fit your pk3 file. To load the map in QL, drop the encrypted pk3 into your quakelive\baseq3 directory and set it to read only (right click, properties). Then use the Quake Live ingame console to load up the map (\map mapname).

    Hope this helps. If you got questions, post below or join #radiant on Quakenet.

    If you are not a premium user on QuakeLive you might be missing some textures and shaders. Be sure to have someone invite you on a premium server to make you able to download the PK3 files you are missing. If you do not have any friends with a pro subscription feel free to ask me about it.

    If you get an error message trying to install GTKradiant, make sure you have the following microsoft redistributeables installed:
    (E.g. "MSVCR110.dll is not found")
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