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Thread: Chat killing

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    Weird idea... I would invite OP to duel me and then open console when low on health. Free win!

    I try not to chat-frag my buddies, though sometimes if I come around the corner and see green thing, I shoot before thinking(sometimes it appears to be just a green armor 8) ). In public games with random people it depends on situation, but I won't feel sorry for killing idling chatter.
    Real life? Life is real?!

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    Junior Member hallucinogen is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayP View Post
    The proper way to chat-frag is with the gauntlet :]
    Tru Dat xd

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    That's what chat binds are for; I can start and end an entire conversation with my binds. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theftbot View Post
    Kind of like using cellphones and driving
    i do that too.. :-)

    I've been killed during chat.. and accidentally killed during chats.. If i notice a chat i won't fire but if he's in my path i won't be sorry.

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    I expect to be fraged if i need to chat for some reason. Not a problem to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fantazia View Post
    Play or Chat.Chat when you dead.
    Forget chatting even when your dead. We're playing a game and I don't need to have useless chat info happening during game. If you are chatting when you are suppose to be playing ..I guarantee you this I'll gaunt you to death. HUMILIATION.

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