There's more than the season to be jolly around here at the QUAKE LIVE World Headquarters, this season also marks the 15th anniversary of Quake II. What better time than now, and with the 15th Premium Pak no less, to celebrate the release of Quake II with the Quake II themed Premium Pak. We've got both seasons in mind with these new arenas: two deathmatch arenas from the original Quake II, a brand new TDM arena with a Strogg theme, and finally a brand new CTF arena set in the snow.

We are also launching public PQL Clan Arena servers available to both Premium and Pro players. These are now available in most locations in tiered and unrestricted variations.

Premium Arenas Added
  • The Edge:
Built for the new year is QUAKE LIVE's new version of The Edge. This version has been built off the original Quake II source, providing an authentic Edge-xperience, with a Strogg-inspired theme new to QUAKE LIVE. While the gameplay remains largely similar, elimination based game modes feature a teleporter inspired by the Quake 1 version of the arena: a two way portal in between the catwalks near the Rocket Launcher, and the Railgun room, to discourage those looking to wait out the around in solitude. The Edge takes the place of Winter's Edge, and will be available through the new year.
  • Warehouse:
Also making its QUAKE LIVE debut is Quake II's Warehouse. The Strogg have seen fit to retrofit a recently taken military warehouse to process and manufacture Stroyent for the Strogg war machine. A hidden Battle Suit at the end of the conveyor belt awaits those up along the top of the facility, but be careful of being crushed, and recently installed decontaminating lasers. A few new tricks and spaces have been opened up since this warehouse was last visited, creating new routes for combat veterans who have fought here before. Warehouse is also available through the new year.
  • Left Behind:
Left Behind is a new Strogg-themed Team Deathmatch arena created by Ferdinand 'cityy' List. Left Behind offers lot of nooks and jumps to skip around areas to best fit your strategy. The central area features a large rock hanging over lava, so some caution is required when speeding around the rooms, especially when playing with PQL. Left Behind is also more than suitable for Clan Arena modes.
  • Cold Cathode (CTF):
Rounding out this update is a new Capture the Flag arena, created by cityy and Phantazm11. Cold Cathode is certainly a cool looking map, both literally due to the snow, and also from the fluorescent light beams that wrap around the arena. Defenders have a Yellow Armor, Megahealth, and Red Armor well within their reach, but will have to lose sight of their flag in order to grab them. Flag carriers have ample opportunity to run, and outmaneuver chasing defenders by switching routes. Teams will want to defend the alternating Regeneration and Quad Damage between the bases to most effectively aid their offense.
Web Updates
  • Resolved an issue with sliders in Start a Match that would cause the hash to update under recent versions of Firefox