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Thread: Looking for Duel/TDM players (NA)

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    Looking for Duel/TDM players (NA)

    Hi, I have just started playing QL, but played q3 in the past. I can't seem to find any good Duel or TDM servers. If anyone wants to play let me know. Thought QL would be a lot of fun like q3, but there are so many server restrictions about voting..

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    Junior Member brizkYO is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2012
    i will play with you, i started about 2 months ago, hmu if you want to duel

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    Added both of you. I've been looking for people to practice duels with. I'd also play TDM

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    Junior Member iDJGi is on a distinguished road
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    Nov 2012
    feel free to add me, ive just started dueling. dont learn much from getting slapped by tier 4's. from uk

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