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its irrelevant if you like ca or shootmania, promoting another game over a quake-mode should get you a ban, period.

you're not even able to stick with the topic, if that's social then you are delusional.
So replying to a reply is off-topic? Feel free to attempt to make sense of what you're saying.
If that's "promoting" like you said, you clearly missed how I'm comparing a crappy QL gametype to a crappy game in general.

If I wanted to promote something I'd be saying things like "Hey guys, go play <GAME>"; I definitely am not suggesting that anyone go play that horrible game. (Which was exactly what the post implied, but that you failed to miss because of your attitude against me)

Also, I would say that a demo would be needed, since the problem only seems to be a very occasional issue. There's only been a few people that have stated they've had this problem occur.