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Thread: How to Communicate to Friends on Quake Live

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    How to Communicate to Friends on Quake Live

    I see the pop up when they log in, but I don't see the options to contact. I also can't find the option to join their game if the pop up is gone.

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    Under where it says "Quake Live Chat" on the right of the screen, you should see a list of your friends who are online. You can click on their name and a chat window will open, then you can type a message to them.

    If they are playing a game, a little grey Quake symbol will show to the right of their name in the list. You can right-click on this symbol to view their profile, or join the game they are in. Hope that helps.

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    ok my friend is online but I don't see his name or his picture on the right where it's says quake live chat there is nothing there please help how can i join him or chat with him am using firefox.

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